Even God feared the power of language

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The Secrets of Twin Speak

A fun article that was made culturally relevant a year ago when this viral video came to be. Though the video shows twins imitating, the article goes on to talk about the validity of twin-speech, another avenue that may help humans understand how language came to be, much like creole languages and certain deaf cases have (or haven’t) done.

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Tentative Plan for LinguaFile

Hey everyone! Thank you for following me. I hope I’ve been able to entertain you all so far! As you may or may not know, I am currently living in Japan. I return home towards the the beginning of this August. It is then that I am going to try to muster up an awesome group of people and begin creating videos for LinguaFile’s Youtube page.

The tentative schedule will be to release videos starting in January 2013. Till then, I am going to put a hiatus on my Linguist and Language of the week post. However, I will still be posting news, videos, and other odds and ends relating to linguistics.

Text will have to do for now, but I look forward to expressing my passion via organic language, the way language was designed to be expressed.

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News: Gestures Fulfill a Role in Language

A U.S.-Netherlands research collaboration delving into this tie discovered that actual actions on objects, such as physically stirring a spoon in a cup, have less of an impact on the brain’s understanding of speech than simply gesturing as if stirring a spoon in a cup. This is surprising because there is less visual information contained in gestures than in actual actions on objects. In short: Less may actually be more when it comes to gestures and actions in terms of understanding language.

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